Welcome to the fabulous Squirt & Skootch Card Shop!
Squirt & Skootch is a funky, loving and hip social expressions company. We write, illustrate, design, produce and distribute environmentally friendly (fun) paper greeting cards. Our products, ideas and inspirations are expressions of love, humor & honesty. 

We love to create. We love making people feel. We love the novelty of exchanging a message through greetings, as both sender and receiver. 

Our signature line of cards combine beautiful, simple hand-drawn reproductions of orginal artwork with funny, edgy and provocative verse. Whether you're looking for a birthday card, wedding card, love & friendship card, love & sex card, baby card, congratulations card, gratitude card, encouragement card, break-up card, or other sentimentally awesome cards for holidays, celebrations and occasions, we've got your six! Let us help you Get Your Greet On™. 
For custom cards, please email Kendall at to get the party started. 
"...with Squirt & Skootch there's a lot of laughter, smiles, gasps...they're anything but dull. They're downright sassy, saucy and clever! I love that the outside is perfectly sweet & charming, and then never expect what it says inside. - Piper Toth, Owner of One Sydney Road