Our Philosophy:
When we started creating greeting cards, it was all about love, friendship and wavelength. The small posse at Squirt & Skootch are nutbags. Whether it's provocative, intelligent, or just silly, we do it all for our peeps. We love to create. We love the novelty of exchanging a message through greetings, both as sender or receiver. Still our main deal, we love making people feel.

Childhood nicknames. 

Cleveland based. 

East side, west side, south side, north coast. 

Made in the U.S.A. 

Go hard, move forward, spread love. 


Black, white, gay, straight.

Tight, gritty, giddy, wit. 

Metro funk, country spunk. 

Made with love. Made for you.

Made for me. Made for we.

Free to be. 




Of course Kendall Embrescia, (aka Skootch) would wind up starting a greeting card company - it makes perfect sense. For most of her childhood and adult life, people have been awed, embarrassed, humored, comforted, confused, enlightened or blind-sided by the things that regularly come from her pie hole. That is…if you can keep up, pick up what she’s laying down or even care to expand your head in the ways of her delightful weirdness.

While she’s always had her own language, this “Most Outgoing”, “Class Clown” got her start in communications as an undergrad double majoring in Communications and Radio, Television & Film with double minors in Marketing and Journalism. She better know how to communicate in multi-medias after all that! While spanking the academic side of the collegiate world, Kendall hosted a radio show, wrote radio spots for Clear Channel and studied with the renowned improvisational theatre conservatory, Second City.

After graduating from University, Kendall headed out west to So Cal where she did about 6969 different things in Hollywood including working on the HBO Emmy-nominated TV series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Sony’s “Peter Pan” and writing for Paramount Studios “Star Trek Enterprise” as a Writers Guild of America understudy. The foundation was set for Kendall to become a Television Reporter & Writer, host a weekly beauty column and move into various production and performing arts roles, as a Assistant Casting Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Voice Over Artist, Commercial Actress and Model.

Kendall studied Spanish in Buenos Aires, Performing Arts in Italy and traveled some of the developed and to-be developed world. Among her travels and residence in other countries, one thing that repeatedly revealed itself to Kendall was the universal thread of messages - exchanging them by mail or with a note - these special, funny and joyful expressions of sentiment shared and communicated with others in many different parts of the world. Upon Skootch's arrival back to the states, Ms. Embrescia moved back to her hometown in Cleveland, Ohio. She hustled doing 95 hundred different things, one of which was the beginnings of Squirt & Skootch, LLC.

As a Sicilian-Italian American, Kendall is ridiculously expressive. Her powerful emotions, edgy but intelligent humor and cleverness combined with her honed communication skills, worldly and everyday experiences directly influence the creation of Squirt & Skootch Greet Ons™ (and other items coming soon) you’ll find on these web pages.

Chances are very good that Kendall will keep spreading the word, and spreading the love in her very own Skootchie kinda way.

We love you almost as much as we love Mother Earth. We care about our planet and the quality of life for her inhabitants. With this in mind, we purposefully create and produce greeting cards following an environmentally friendly process, minimizing our carbon footprint. The Squirt and Skootch line is printed and produced using solar-powered energy sources, recycled paper materials and earth-pleasing inks.
Let’s face it, receiving a card in the mail, or finding one on your pillow, desk or car seat is just plain exciting. You don’t get that same sense of excitement when you click open an email. It's just not there. From an environmental standpoint, producing paper greeting cards doesn’t have to be a wasteful activity. So, go ahead and feel good about creating excitement for someone in your life. Send them a Squirt & Skootch Greet On™.They’ll know you care on all the right levels.
 While we’re talking green, you’d be hard-pressed to find a group of people that are more committed to recycling than the Squirt & Skootch grupo. This company’s leader is a TOTAL FREAK about recycling. Anyone that has chosen to spend time in Skootch’s presence has most likely adopted her militant recycling practices. Want tips on easy ways to do a better job recycling? Send Skootch an email and pop off a few questions for her.