We love creating cards. We especially love creating cards that say what you might be thinking, or maybe don't even know you're thinking until you read a Squirt & Skootch Greet On. We totally dig helping you convey these thoughts or the things you're not saying.  We're into helping people express themselves in loving, honest, edgy, fun and real ways. That's what the Squirt & Skootch cardline is all about...connecting with each other, thoughtfulness, keeping it real and spreading love. 

It's in the spirit of being real that we ask you to give us your feedback. Send us your shout-outs. Send us you ideas and requests. Send us pictures of you enjoying the Squirt & Skootchie cards. Send us pictures of you doing something strange for some change. Well okay, maybe skip that one but please do send us some testimonials! We'll share the Squirt & Skootch love by posting your comments and stories in this section of the website. 

Oh, another thing that we'd love if you'd share with us > stores in your neighborhood or corner of the world that might be a fantastical fit for our Greet Ons

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Check out what some peeps of the Squirt & Skootch love posse have to say about the line:

I love these cards, they are joyous, funny, raunchy, and sweet.  There's one that fits most any occassion or person on your card list.  I especially like the You make the funshine, sunshine card, and have used it for about half a dozen friends as bday cards.  Who doesn't want to be compared to the warmth and life-giving rays of the sun?  I'd love to buy a t-shirt (funky and fitted, of course) with this saying, and hope you'll start a t shirt line soon!” -Jane Darrow


  "I have a Squirt and Skootch stash. That stuff is awesome and you never know what you might need." - Karl  Maersch

“These are the funniest cards I ever peed my pants over! This TWISTED sense of humor makes for IRRESISTABLY UNIQUE greeting cards!” - Jean Zarzour


"Room Service love love LOVES Squirt and Skootch!!! Its always a hoot to watch our customers stumble upon them. They're unexpected and utterly hilarious, we always end up showing each other our favs."- Jennie Doran, Manager at Room Service
  “You have made my day. I've been laughing to myself for hours and can not wait to share the fun once I send them! This is my new favorite company.” - Amy Shiever 

"...with Squirt & Skootch there's a lot of laughter, smiles, gasps; they're anything but dull. They're downright sassy, saucy and clever. I love that the outside is perfectly sweet & charming, and then never expect what it says inside. - Piper Toth, Owner of One Sydney Road

“These cards are like nothing I've ever seen before in a greeting card. They will make your eyes bug out with the initial shock of the "greeting", but a moment later they have you laughing your ass off loud because they're so funny. Your cards are fantastic!” - Cara Berg

"These cards are edgy, witty, and out of this world funny. They are the perfect combination of wit and humor." - Shannon Krecic, Owner of The Gifted Basket


 S&S Rocks! - Steve Presser, Owner of Big Fun

“I love your cards. They are hysterical! I look forward to ordering from you guys again soon.” - Ashley Gay


“Tastefully inappropriate.” - Pete